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Samantha and Sunny take
in Claremore, OK
March 31, 2012
The same day Samantha
won her Juniors Class!
Way to go you two!!



Thank you for visiting my site... 

As you have probably guessed, you have reached a site owned
by a true chihuahua lover!  I breed chihuahuas because I seem to have an addiction to these tiny, adorable babies. 
If I had my way, I'd keep all that I breed!  But since that's not possible I do offer a few puppies for sale throughout the year.

If you visit my site regularly, as many of you do, you will have noticed that I have been adding a lot of quality and conformation to my breeding program.  We now have three finished AKC champions as well as two other UKC champions and Hairy, Player and Bugaboo are expected to finish AKC championships this year.  We are keeping more of the puppies which are bred here and are most proud of our very own AKC CH Lake Country's Go For The Glory (Gus) who was born and bred right here and finished his championship at just one year old!!

It is a pleasant change to have puppies which stay with us and we are truly enjoying the antics and puppy kisses which accompany each new addition.  Puppies which we are keeping and who are not yet old enough to be considered a mom or dad have been moved to a new page called "Debutants". 

Raising and breeding chihuahuas is very hard work but I do it because it's FUN!  It's FUN to own so many chis, it's FUN to sleep with so many chis, it's FUN to come home to the unconditional love of so many chis, it's FUN to lay on the floor and be kissed by so many chis, it's FUN to have so many baby chis underfoot, and it's FUN to meet so many other people who love chihuahuas as much as me!

For years I've hoped to add lots of cool chihuahua-related items for sale -- unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise like this adorable Halloween costume which is offered on eBay by yours truly.  I've waited and waited for the right vendor to find me and since no one has, I've decided to open my own website dedicated to the fun products being offered by vendors especially for little dogs.

I've begun my 'adventure in retailing' at the beginner level and I am operating an Amazon A-Store https://astore.amazon.k9co20-02 (K9 Cool) but I plan to add other items beyond Amazon merchandise to the site.  I've started out with some clothes, bowls, bling, and Kindle books.  The home page will be devoted to the adorable seasonal costumes which I so envy when others dress up their chihuahuas... you know who you are, Laurie!

Chihuahua are a companion breed and as such they are all about FUN!  Why not enjoy your pet to the maximum?  Have a little fun and dress them up.  It will make you smile, make your friends laugh and make your little chihuahua the center of attention -- which is exactly where they long to be.

If you have suggestions for other products which you would like to see on the site or if you have unique chihuahua-related merchandise which you would like to market on this site, please contact Patty at pups@lakecountrykennels.com.


Updated 04/22/2012

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